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10″ Xpro2 Speaker

Model No: L39512
Frequency: 58Hz – 18KHz
Directivity Angle: H90° x V50°
Power RMS: 250W
Power Peak: 500W
Sensitivity: 97dB
Max SPL: 97dB
Driver(s): 10″ Bass, 1″ Tweeter
Inputs: 2 x Neutrik Speakon®
Mounting: Floor, 35mm top-hat
Enclosure: High Density 18mm Black Ply
Dimensions (mm): 489 x 300 x 261
Weight (kg): 16.0

Activate the Power with a 10″ Amplifier module

Professional Speaker Cabinets

The XPRO² Range comprises of 10″, 12″ & 15″ top boxes along with our 15″, 18″ & 2×18″ XPRO² subs. They can be used as a front of house PA, localised in-fill reinforcement and portable applications for bands, discos entertainers etc.

The most exciting feature of XPRO² is the upgrade path that takes a passive top box and converts it into an active speaker. This is a superb option for installers and retailers alike.

Industry Standard

Neutrik Speakon® sockets on the rear of the unit ensure compatibility with standard amplifier connections.


A: 489mm   B: 300mm   C: 261mm

High Quality Cabinets

Cabinets can sit vertically on the floor or on 35mm poles on the integral top-hats, can be angled as monitor speakers or even flown using chassis-bolted aluminium brackets. With ergonomic, integral grab handles, a black PU crackle finish covers the cabinets which bears the stylish Brooke branding via a prominent laser-etched logo. The front aspect looks superb, with an acoustic foam covered grille magnetically clamped onto the cabinet chassis for easy access, complete with hidden retaining to wire prevent accidental detachment or loss of the grille. The fine detail even extends to a removable rotating front logo on the grille to accomodate vertical or horizontal positioning.