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8” – 10” Wall Bracket

(Part No J81683)

This robust Speaker tilt and swing wall bracket can mount a 8″ – 10″ speaker either vertically or horizontally on an arm that can tilt up to 100° & swing 180°. Can support up to 40Kg speaker.

Flying Bracket Hasp

(Part No J36599)

A flying hasp for Brooke range speakers. Simply insert and twist to lock into position and a pull release for easy position adjustment. Recommended to use three per speaker.

Guy Wire

(Part No A67525)

A 100 metre drum of high-quality galvanised mild steel wire. The 7-strand wire has an outside diameter of 2.4mm.

Guy Wire Rope Grip

(Part No A17460)

This guy wire grip is locks a pre-tensioned guy wire in place. When tightened provides a slip-proof secure method of maintaining tension.